Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Thing We Did


The other night, my wife and I were bored. After a few failed plans and missed communications, she suggested that we make a movie. (She recently purchased a point and shoot camera that shoots HD video). I was playing the album In Sonic Bullets: 13 from the Hip by the surf-rock group The Bambi Molesters (terrible name, I know, but they make some great surf music) on my computer as we thought about what we could record, then I saw our dog, Hank's pumpkin chew toy and my wife's leopard- print high heels...the rest just sort of fell into place....

...with a special appearance by Hank himself...

(I apologize for the stretched out aspect ratio...the blog will only accept videos under a certain size, and I don't have any software that will compress the video to the right size and maintain the ratio)

No real reason, just because.

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