Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still Up


And still I sit, growing
Ever closer to knowing
I've stopped. Fearing
And knowing there is
No other to let me
Understand. There
Is no understanding,
There is only life. There
Is action and there is
Waiting. There is only
Arrogance in supposing
Another will wait beside,
That time is equal, that
Patience is not relative.
To sit and wonder is
A luxury saved for those
Not in emotional debt, those
Who can afford time lost
To temperament
And disposition. Philosophy
Is bred in those with
Nothing better to do
And no one waiting
For them to realize they
Do not qualify.
To move is what is
Needed, to head toward.
Even those philosopher
Bachelors were simply
Following their passions.
To drift is always only

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