Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Jeannine and Sean


And so it goes that this has happened,
It's like this now, after all
That has been written, scrawled
And sketched--hushed and silent yearning,
Straining vainly to explain
Tragic sudden everlasting never
Sliding back to same. Now
Is new and neatly nothing
Like one ever could have dreamed.

The world will keep its orbit, spun
By unassuming fingers, unaware,
Or simply unaffected as our tiny,
Wheeling stories mount to nothing
Less than all we know--from the cold,
Unyielding pavement to the flaking,
Wooden seats behind the man,
The reason we, together, know
The limits of our patience,
Our capacities of courage, built
In parallel and open only due
To what we understand as horror.

Together we discover, we illuminate
And prove our hushed and silent,
Pained and screaming, awful,
Beautiful reality is worth the frigid
Truth: we will carry on in darkness,
Blessed, believing on occasion
There is sunlight superseding all
We thought we knew of brightness.
Together we remind we know
The darkness is not all.

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