Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sleepless Nights and What Can Be Done

I wrote this after a sleepless evening for me and Nissa.  We had just watched The Descendants and were having trouble shaking certain insights into our current situation.


And about now you sit
Up and say

         Just a minute,
This is hardly fair, this is
Ridiculous, this has gone on for--
Will it go on?  

Eventually I will
Find myself in a position of not
Choosing what time the clock reads
When I wake.  This will
Have to be sorted.  

         But there is nothing
To sort, nothing to analyze
Or decode--only truth and what
Happened and what happens

There is, has, and will be
Whether we engage or lie secure
In what has never frightened

           Fear and grief 
And inane, unalienable 
Horror twist inseparable from 
The giddy, ragged scale plinking out
Across the hardware store
As the clerk deftly mallets 
The paint can's swiftly rotating edge.

Five quick, practiced wallops no more
Novel than a family huddled close
In unadulterated anguish, both so
Telling of our place, our paradox,
And our blind good fortune.

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