Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Me in things


When is it ok to stop being loyal in order to help yourself? Does one have to wait till the point of desperation before they move on or is it ok to make a move that is purely for you even if i means disappointing other people? You may have been able to tell this from reading my other posts, but I'll say that I have terrible trouble finding the "me" in situations. I am usually (nearly never) not the first priority that I have. I understand that can be an admirable quality, but I really take it too far...anyway, I love to play the drums and I have a very high threshold for annoyance and frustration...good for being in a band, but not necessarily good for personal progression.

p.s. I was in a band in high school called Quixotic, the definition of which is "chivalrous to an absurd degree"...

"Jack-ass" by Beck from Odelay. I love Beck more than I probably should...probably more than he deserves...certainly my love for his early work allows for more than the benefit of the doubt on any of his semi-mediocre recent stuff. Regardless, I love this song. The lyrics on Odelay for the most part don't make a lick of sense (apparently they weren't even planned...they were mostly just placeholders while Beck was writing the songs and he and the producer just decided they sounded good and they left them), and these lyrics may very well be nonsense, but the way they blend with the tempo and the instrumentation makes it seem very meaningful. It's entirely possible that much of my love for this song stems from the time period and my age and all that, but it will always be relaxing and wonderful to me.

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