Monday, September 28, 2009

The Stuff I Write pt. II

So, here's another song. This one's more or less about where I work and, more specifically, the industry to which where I work is connected...

Transcontinental transgressions aside there isn't all that much more
Than meets the eye. Ground breaking doesn't garner the press much
Unless the ground broken means a thing to the masses.
And mass is what counts its a question of tonnage.
The image that chalks up the grand badge of what's next.
The next best and textable buzz viral mandible
Please tell us your opinion like plankton through baleen we'll
get back to you boilerplate, gallons more than sated.
Waste piles higher the longer you let it,
by the time you start to sift through the stench makes it all seem like shit.
But the smell lets you know that the process is working

Which means there's a need to keep sticking more stuff in.
But what comes out? Where does it go?
Two birds with one stone, disposal and letting the citizens know
That our machine works and its fueled by you

Your thoughts and your wants and maybe a bit of your
stimulus checks too, but if you don't want to pay for i
t we can change.
Mission statements aren't bankable or even remotely tangible
Remember the mandible? Well whales swallow boxes of nails.
Without thinking just swimming not noticing the pain
It takes a while to get a message from the tail to the brain.
All intake, no notice. As long as we show that we swallow.
The press release might be ambitious but the actions all are hollow.
Not barren, but fallow. We break ground before, fail to forecast then follow.

Then we know the problem, it's obvious, it's well documented history

What to do about it is probably less of a mystery than most might think.
Honesty. That's a good place as any to start. With the customer that goes without saying but with the company too, from the company's heart-cause your part doesn't grow
because you think it should and size doesn't matter just how much of what you're packing produces the most good. Not the color of the chasis, but's what's under the hood. You could've, should've stood in support of the citizens that were standing up for what you were handing out-
not pandering to what sales now suggest the scene might be about.
I remember a time when the content was king then what happens you're now bending backwards to pretend you're the vox of the populi when I bet you couldn't get yourself to let your old friends look you in the eye. Why not find your place and perch and pollinate
the minds only too happy to take in and branch out and germinate? I think you underestimate the power of the conscious few to take cues and extrapolate.
All things to all souls spreads the message to thin. Why not rally the restless and work toward the win? Then expand, then erupt and brainstorm and cut abrupt the other formulaic hacks.
But, remember before you can build up ramming steam you've got to lay the tracks.
Before it airs you've got to play it back, before you make a profit you've got to pay your dues,
Until you learn to think ahead you'll always be burned by the news.

The blowback
The backwash
The washed up
The last week
The lost chance
The change up
The same noise

The blame goes
The rush plan
The IV
The tourniquet, blue
The bed pan

"Down in Mexico" by the Coasters. So, this is the second song taken from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack and that's no coincidence...the man has impeccable taste in music. The track in question is the version used in the film Death Proof. The song compliments the scene its used in so well its ridiculous. That whole movie is a great example of marrying film to music, but this scene in
particular is amazing. Apparently Tarantino released two versions of the soundtrack, one that contains the version of the song from the movie, and another that uses an older, vastly inferior rendition of the track....because Tarantino is a jerk and he likes stuff like that...
However, the opening blast of sax in this version blows away any others. The song is a perfect mix of funk, doo-wop, and soul with tension and dynamics and just all-out pitch perfect never gets old.

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