Friday, October 23, 2009

Everything Fairly Negative


In retaliation against the current situation that created this post's title (and the previous post) I was planning to share a bunch of video clips that never fail to at least make me smile, if not laugh out loud every time. As bizarrely fantastic as YouTube is, my eclectic and specific taste have stymied this quest, but I still found a few to share with you all.

The first time I watched this movie I was in a particularly dark place and this scene made me feel so good that I can now just think of it and it makes me smile...I hate to admit it, Woody Allen had a rare and insightful talent, and made things funny at the same time (for more on the my inner struggle with Allen, see here)

a scene from Hannah and her Sisters (sorry for just the link, but I don't have the software at home required to put the clip in yet...)

Following the same pattern, there are a million Marx Bros clips I could put up here, but I had a hard time finding the one I wanted...but this one is a great example of why, upon first seeing him when I was younger with my dad, Groucho Marx became a major influence on my life...

A scene from A Day at the Races

Also, Bill Murray...there are very few things he does that don't make me smile.


also, check out YouTube's bizarrely complete collection of Murray on David Letterman clips...they're all hilarious.

Finally, I would have liked to link to my favorite clip from The Simpsons (the audio was all I could find), but, alas, Fox is stingy with it's, here's one I found on Hulu that also never fails to make me smile SIMPSONS

There are many more I could find and post, and I very well may in the future, but for now this was enough to go back and look at and make me smile a bit. Hopefully you did the same.

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