Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Brain zaps" and "electric shock sensations"

Symptoms described as "brain zaps", "brain shocks," "brain shivers" or "head shocks" are a withdrawal symptom experienced during discontinuation (or reduction of dose) of antidepressant drugs.[6][7] The symptoms are widely variable in description and of unknown etiology;[7] common descriptions include dizziness, electric shock-like sensations, sweating, nausea, insomnia, tremor, confusion, and vertigo.[6][7] The MedDRA "preferred term" for coding these types of symptoms in adverse drug reaction reports (for use in pharmacovigilance databases such as under the Yellow Card Scheme), is paraesthesia.[8][9]

In a 1997 survey, a "sizable minority" of medical professionals were not confidently aware of the existence of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms.[10] A 2005 review of adverse event reporting showed that descriptions of "electric shocks" from patients on paroxetine had been reported more frequently than some other symptoms.[8]

Not cool whatever it is that controls us...not cool.


"Nothin'" by Reel Big Fish from Turn the Radio Off. This is one of those songs I've loved since I first heard it (thanks to my sister and her boy friend at the time (one of the many groups handed down to me by her in her first year at College). Its fast, it's funny, it's sarcastic and incredibly fun to sing at almost any time (maybe not directly after a funeral or something like that.) Also, it contains what I still consider to be the greatest and most satisfying ending chorus lyrics ever recorded. This song is best enjoyed in the car with a group friends that also know the words..

*the links in the article aren't mine...i just copied this from a wiki. I know it's accurate, I just chose the wiki because it was more detailed and concise.

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